An Entirely Healthy Obsession

Preview pages for Astonishing X-Men #54.

Is it just me or is Liu’s voice for Northstar really inconsistent? Warbird gets the hand of friendship for dismissing his wedding, yet he rags on CeCe because the force-bubble doesn’t come with a hot tub? Even taking the out-of-nowhere claustrophobia into account, this doesn’t come across as fear, just brattishness. Really, everyone sounds pretty childish here — I know these guys aren’t normally team players, but they have mostly been doing this hero thing for a while. They should be able to handle a high-stress situation without the sniping. Also? Clunky dialogue is clunky.

I know, the previews for this book almost always look bad and the issue itself usually turns out OK, but I’d really like the first few pages to get me excited, not be something that I wind up forgiving.

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