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X-Men: Legacy #13 preview at CBR

Pete Wisdom and Chamber in the same book. Should be an easy sell. But then there’s that panel of Meggan warning me off. *sigh*

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    lol This guy draws such big rears. And clown shoes, so everyone looks like their wearing clown clothes. But, I like the...
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    I think I need to get Legacy in trade for the Chamber stuff.
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    Also, I forgot to say, but: WTF IS PETE WEARING?! Aw, no. No, no, no.
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    If nothing else, I’m glad Cornell’s take on Meggan seems to have been quitely ignored. But yeah, I really don’t see any...
  6. iconuk01 said: Hmmm… perhaps Meggan’s TV addiction has switched from the Disney channel to HBO. And Pete’s not from Essex AFAIK, his mother diied in the Hungerford shootings and Hungerford is in Berkshire.