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Chamber and Skin, colors and inks! 

I love this sfm omg omg omg *____________*

I think it may be Angelo’s little smirk that really sells it.

It gives Jono somewhere to aim his fist.

Oh, you did NOT just…!

Oh. no. No, no, no, no…

Lamb, you did NOT just claim Marjorie Liu is as bad as Chuck Austen. Come on, let’s not say things we can’t take back.

Even if one thinks that Liu’s mix-up of character names was a bigger fumble than Austen’s (and a strong case can be made for that), the reason there’s so much more bile directed at Austen’s “Angelo Torres” screw-up is the weight of the misogyny, stereotypes, egotistical bullshit, and just plain bad writing that he smeared across a half-dozen high-profile comics. Skin’s headstone was not just one mistake, it was another stratum of lumpy turd in the seven-layer dip of sewage that was Austen’s company-owned work. Liu is not getting off (relatively) easy because she’s a woman or because people love X-23, she’s less reviled because she simply hasn’t done anything to earn that level of scorn.

I mean, seriously. Here’s Austen in his infamous CBR interview, reacting to criticism with his usual maturity and tact:

Continuity and much of the market as it stands are for die-hard fans who have every issue of every comic indexed and categorized, and give me hell every single day of the week online because they have no life, and no one who loves them, or will touch them naked, and they have nothing better to do with their day once they’ve indexed last Wednesdays shipment. The more we cater to that inbred mindset, the less we will appeal to real readers, or casual fans who enjoy a good story with good characters. Those casual fans will eventually move on as they have been steadily for the last many years, leaving us with only the twelve trolls online, who will have nothing to complain about, because Marvel and DC will be gone.

The AXM wedding could be between Northstar and Wolverine and Liu still wouldn’t have rightfully earned as much ill-will as Austen did.

Generation X sketchcards by Marc Ferreira

XWOD: Angelo Espinosa

Skin’s OWoD translation…

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GenX Guys by Chris Foreman.

Angelo Espinosa

I’ll have to get to the rest of these after work, but…

1) Due to post-manifestation body insecurity (both in terms of appearance and control), Angelo had only been with one woman and messed around with a couple of others before attending the Massachusetts academy; anything else was braggadocio.

2) Was only mildly nonplussed to find himself being snogged by Paige after her first big fight with Jono. Was somewhat more surprised that he ended up under Jono on the Brit’s couch after the second (but not entirely taken aback that he liked it).

3) Had absolutely no problem being Paige and Jono’s rebounds from each other (over and over and over).

4) Also wouldn’t have minded being their third, but is pretty sure Paige would have smacked the life out of him for being a pervert if he’d actually suggested that everyone involved “kiss and make-out”.

5) Would likely have given up on Paige in disgust after the whole Angel business.